Friday, May 30, 2008

Trans Atlantic 'tunnel' links London to New York

LONDON (AFP) - An arresting new artistic landmark is drawing crowds in London and New York, intrigued at being able to wave to each other through what is teasingly presented as a a huge Trans Atlantic tunnel.
From its London end next to City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, tourists and locals can see people at the other end of the Telectroscope, by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Samsung DuoS (SGH-D880): two SIMs in one phone

At the moment, if you want two SIM cards in your phone then it's awfully tricky. The process often involves cutting SIM cards down or somehow squeezing in an add-on bit of hardware. The Samsung DuoS gets around this by having two SIM slots in the back, and both SIMs are active at the same time. Full Details

Have two lines but lugging two phones around too much of a hassle? Well Samsung has come up with a solution for you with their latest dual sim card enabled phone the SGH-D880. Users can activate both SIM cards simultaneously and effortlessly to receive calls and SMSes on either one. Connectivity is enhanced as the SGH-D880 user can be served by two networks at any one time.

Earth Trek touts "world's smallest" projector

Filed under: Displays While it likely won't hold onto the (slightly dubious) title for long at the rate mini-projectors are cropping up these days, Hong .. More Details

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Move to Digital TV, Some Will Be Left Behind

NEARLY 25 million homes have at least one television set that will stop functioning in nine months, when the nation converts to digital over-the-air television.
Ten million of those homes are considered “completely unready” for the conversion, according to a report scheduled to be released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. Among the findings, Hispanic
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Monday, May 26, 2008

VIDEO: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Lamborghini has released a promotional clip for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, a 5.2 liter V10-powered supercar that puts 560 PS to all four wheels. It has quite a touch of humour inserted into it really, you’ll know what I mean when you watch it. Full Report

U.S. scientists predict major earthquake in S California

LOS ANGELES, May 22 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) predicts that a magnitude 7.8 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault would have devastating consequences for Southern California, including the deaths of 1,800 people and damages costing around 200 billion U.S. dollars, according to a USGS study published on Thursday.
It said the earthquake would rattle 10 million residents, about50,000 of whom would be injured. Full Report

Friday, May 23, 2008

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled by majority of 12-1 that Batu Puteh/Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore. The Court however rules by majority 15-1 that Middle Rocks belong to Malaysia. However the South ledge has been ruled belong to the state that owns the water around it, Full Report

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tech - Is mobile TV ready for its close-up?

With additional mobile TV subscription services and per-episode downloads becoming available,
consumers have lots of choices available for television 'snacking' on the small screen,
as one analyst terms it. FULL STORY

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Future Concepts - Nissan Bevel

Conceived at Nissan Design America in California, in collaboration with Nissan advanced product planning groups in the USA, the Bevel Concept is an exploration of the future of the sport utility vehicle, going far beyond the current stereotypes More Details

Malaysia - Klang Valley Shaken Up By Tremors

Several areas in the Klang Valley were shaken up by tremors following an earthquake off North Sumatra at 10.26pm Saturday night.The Malaysian Meteorological Department said the earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale did not pose a tsunami threat.Meteorological Department director-general Dr Yap Kok Seng said the earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra did not affect Malaysia as it was just a mild one."However, the effects of the quake were felt in the capital as it is not far from us," he added. More Details

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jakarta - China Wins 2008 Thomas Cup

China kept the men's event titles for the seventh time, third in a row from 2004, after edging South Korea 3-1 in the Thomas Cup Finals held at Istora Senayan Indoor Stadium here Sunday.
The top seeds however, were given a run for the money when the South Koreans, playing in their first final of the men's event, did not give China an easy 3-0 straight win. Full report

Britain - Releases Secret UFO Files

The men were air traffic controllers. Experienced, calm professionals. Nobody was drinking. But they were so worried about losing their jobs that they demanded their names be kept off the official report.
No one, they knew, would believe their claim an unidentified flying object landed at the airport they were overseeing in the east of England........
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Malaysia - Former Prime Minister Quit Umno

ALOR STAR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and veteran party man Tan Sri Sanusi Junid announced Monday that they are quitting Umno.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced this on Monday at 12.35pm, citing a lack of confidence in the current leadership.
"I am quitting Umno today," he told about 1,000 people, mostly Kedah Umno members, at a talk here on Monday.............
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Malaysia - New CEO for Naza Group announced

SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, 25, has been appointed the NAZA Group of Companies Chief Executive Officer, taking over the role from his father Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin who passed away on May 1 2008.

The announcement, made by Puan Sri Zaleha Ismail, the wife of the late tycoon, noted that the appointment was in line with the wishes of the former CEO.
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