Sunday, November 30, 2008

Imation Unveiled Wireless Projection Link for Effective Business Presentation

Wireless technology brings convenience to users with the capability to transmit data or media files wirelessly without the need of cable connectivity. If you are hoping to get one wireless projector for your business need, the USB based Wireless Projection Link released from Imation could be a good option for Imation Wireless Projection Link utilizes both transmitter and receiver that connect to each other through a wireless link for content streaming seamlessly. The transmitter will connect to your laptop through USB interface while on the receiver end, it will be linked to the projector video input port that will display whatever contents streamed from your laptop directly. Surprisingly, it is claimed to be able to reach up to 30 feet radius without any significant signal degradation. Details

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nokia kicks out N96 Bruce Lee edition in Hong Kong

Nokia has officially released in Hong Kong an action-ready Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition, which will knock you off with exclusive accessories and back panel imprint of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee.

While the specifications of the Nokia N96 remain the same, the bundle includes several stylish accessories as a Bruce Lee doll, a wrist strap engraved with Lee's name and a key holder that takes the shape of nunjaku.


New mini laptop to cost under $300

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. -- How low can they go? Since The ASUS Eee PC got super popular, competitors have been coming out of the woodwork, including Elonex, Everex, ECS, Acer, MSI, HP and others. Most of these companies have introduced aggressive pricing, but have struggled to approach ASUS's $400 entry-level price point. Now, another "killer" is planning an under-$300 laptop.

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