Monday, June 25, 2012

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How the Earth without gravity?

Talked about gravity, it is a condition that is rarely ignored for two reasons, first - gravity is always there and the gravity has not changed so far.

If the gravity of the Earth change significantly, a major change will occur because all the material that is designed based on gravity.

Before looking at the changes in gravity, let us understand what exactly is gravity.Gravity is the attraction between two atoms as we put the two adjacent golf balls.In fact two of golf balls that are slightly smaller gravitational attraction to each other when measured.

However, when a large object like the Earth has a number of molecules together, gravitational attraction would seem more significant.

The reason why the Earth's gravitational force has not changed is because the mass of the Earth that has never changed.The Earth's gravity will change only when there is a change in the mass of the Earth itself.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Camel urine for sale.

A camel farm workers showed that camel urine is sold. Urinary camel sold about 250 ml at 100 riyals.

In addition to milk and meat, is now a lot of people looking for camel urine. He said the camel urine can be used as drugs of various diseases. Urinary bladder is the property of Bedouin camels which are called Najeeb.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Children 3 Years But Weight 63.6kg

A male child aged three years, Xiao Hao banned from entering several child care centers because of their weight 63.50 kilograms (kg) for which he was bullying his colleagues, a newspaper reported yesterday.
Xiao Lin from his mother's city of Guangzhou, southern China is now appealing a doctor to help reduce weight.
"I took him swimming for exercise but it is very difficult to find a suitable outdoor clothing for her," her mother said.
Some doctors state that children may have impaired growth hormone.
Weighted average age of the child is 12.70kg.

A doctor from a Children's Hospital of Guangdong, Hong Lu said, the child is not only overweight, but very high.
"He (the child) should not be in this situation because the heart is unable to bear weight," said Hong.
Source: Agencies

Monday, September 20, 2010

iPhone Identify Thief of Heartbeats

Thanks to the help of special software, an iPhone can now be acting Like a cop. But a unique way, namely by identifying the thief of his heartbeat.

Applications developed directly by Apple has studied the heart rate and iPhone owners who compare it with other people using these handsets."The ability to prevent this expensive handset avoid the risk of theft," said Jim Clark observer of British market research firm, Mintel.

Quoted from Big News Networks, Monday (09/20/2010), iCop - thus the name for this application - is also equipped with voice and facial recognition capabilities.Thus, the software will know the owner of the iPhone voice and a built in camera that is embedded in the body of the iPhone will help identify people's faces which are not the original owners of smartphones.

If the software does not recognize the holders of the iPhone, the phone is automatically going to die and other important information like passwords, emails and short messages will be deleted automatically.iCop also be activated as a fashion 'spy' or a spy, to record and report the activities of people who are not owners and trap him.

No need to worry iCop wrong target when in action. Because the user can turn off the function of this software as the iPhone will lend to a friend or someone they trust.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Apple TV was launched.

Apple Inc. Apple launched the TV version of the smaller and less expensive to distribute content from the Internet to television, thereby intensifying competition with Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to dominate the digital home entertainment segment.
Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs also launched a revamped line of iPod products and the latest version of iTune fully with the new logo will no longer use the CD image is outdated.

The new Apple TV device, which is used to access the content from the Internet and play it on the television set, will sell for U.S. $ 99 . It is only 25 percent of the size of the original Apple TV is priced at U.S. $ 229

Device measuring 10 square centimeters that allows users to rent a television program with only U.S. $ 0.99 and the first film in the table shows a price of U.S. $ 4.99 . The original model, allowing users to buy the television just does not get the response.

Jobs never mentioned the Apple TV as a hobby, but explained that the company is willing to earnestly focus on efforts to combine the Internet with television.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NASA Declares Mars Lander Broken and Dead

NASA's long-dormant Phoenix Mars Lander is broken and officially down for the count, with new images taken by an orbiting probe showing severe damage to the spacecraft's solar panels due to the harsh Martian winter.
Repeated attempts by NASA in recent months to reestablish contact with Phoenix following its winter hibernation were unsuccessful, with no peeps coming from the lander.
The new photos of Phoenix, sent by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, indicate that the lander has suffered severe ice damage to at least one of its solar panels, NASA officials said Monday.

Bus giant split the traffic.

Large buses, known by several names such as 'Bus Speed 3D', 'Giant Transit Railway inaccessible' and 'Bus straddle (straddling)' has a height of up to 4.5 meters.
A moving bus plying the monorail itself as a future bus concept proposed by a company from China to overcome the problem of congestion in the city. It can be said to be a hybrid mix of city buses and trains that can carry up to 1.200 passengers at a time without affecting traffic.

This bus can take up and down passengers at stations specially built for him without disrupt traffic because cars can pass through the lower body.
Construction of the bus and also tracks the route is 90 percent cheaper than building rail new city either the subway or monorail.The concept of the electric bus introduced by Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Parking Equipment Co. Ltd. and trying project will be implemented starting this year in the district of Mentougou Beijing, China.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking Competition genitals Animals

Cooking Championship World Animal genitals held the Seventh Time in a rural area here (Sebia) yesterday.
In the competition, the participants from chef will cook a variety of animal genitalia as an ox, camel, ostrich and kangaroos.
"The purpose of this festival is for fun, food and courage," said the expert chef animal genitalia is the festival organizer, Ljubomir Erovic.
In Serbia, the cooked food of animal genitalia is known as white kidneys. Animal genitalia is considered rich in hormones and nutrients tertosterone for men.
"Genitals are the best bulls," said the first winner of last year, Zoltan Levai the cooking of animal genitalia with mixed vegetables.
Visitors of the festival that will eat the genitals of animals and drank wine and beer than cool their bodies by bathing in a nearby waterfalls. - AP

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mystery Oil Spill Eating Bacteria

Scientists United States (U.S.) claimed that successfully completed the mysterious loss of oil spill that leaked from the well of the worst incidents in the Gulf of Mexico recently, a newspaper report yesterday.
It is caused by a bacteria that eat the very fast track of about five million barrels of oil that leaked from the rig Deepwater Horizon giant firms owned by British Petroleum (BP) for 87 days in the bay.
Head of Ecology Department Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory near here, says Terry Hazen, the carbon-eating bacteria known as oceanospirillales, spread quickly about 10 kilometers from the BP platform exploded on 20 April.
"We have never seen this bacteria and it is fast eating up the samples brought back to the lab, all the oil spilled has been cleaned by the bacteria out smoothly," said Hazen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robotic aid to help people walk and lift.

Not so long ago we spoke highly about the Chariot that helps the amputees stand tall, and as if the world has taken to such technology development in a frenzy, we now have robotic aid to help people walk and lift coming from the American Honda Motors. Dubbed the Stride Management Assist and the Bodyweight Support Assist, these prototypes will help the weak-limbed or the elderly walk in a much more assured manner.

An internally integrated computer helps regulate the strides also furnishing consistency in the process. For the ones who find lifting an impossible task, the more extensive Bodyweight Support Assist comes to the rescue. These exoskeleton prototypes will be on display at the Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit, and we just hope that Honda comes up with a concrete announcement related to the further development of such desperately required technology. More pictures and a video after the cut.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Internet Explorer 8 more secure.

More recently, Microsoft Corp. revealed Smart Security Report version number-7 (SIRv7) to the public that shows transparency leading software company, per khidmatan and solutions in the computing world in addressing the problem of cyber attacks.

Infection 'worm' or worm into the main fear this year with nearly 100 percent increase recorded in January to June 2009.

Rogue disguised as security software provider also detected as a major problem to users but only 20 percent of cyber cheated customers since six months ago.

Eight best feature is highlighted in IE8: