Sunday, January 17, 2010

Internet Explorer 8 more secure.

More recently, Microsoft Corp. revealed Smart Security Report version number-7 (SIRv7) to the public that shows transparency leading software company, per khidmatan and solutions in the computing world in addressing the problem of cyber attacks.

Infection 'worm' or worm into the main fear this year with nearly 100 percent increase recorded in January to June 2009.

Rogue disguised as security software provider also detected as a major problem to users but only 20 percent of cyber cheated customers since six months ago.

Eight best feature is highlighted in IE8:

1. URL address bar smart detect only trusted website.

2. Identify sensitive sub-tab that opens website to avoid confusion caused by too many icons created.

3. IE8 far more quickly by offering simple steps to open the desired thing.

4. Have 'Web Slices' of collecting information to your gemaran.

5. Quick search box on the right side of a small visual display of information and data needed to facilitate user searches.

6. IE8 can be adapted to any web standards.

7. Safe and Secure.

8. Search using 'InPrivate' ensure data security when using public computers or Internet access in public places.

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