Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking Competition genitals Animals

Cooking Championship World Animal genitals held the Seventh Time in a rural area here (Sebia) yesterday.
In the competition, the participants from chef will cook a variety of animal genitalia as an ox, camel, ostrich and kangaroos.
"The purpose of this festival is for fun, food and courage," said the expert chef animal genitalia is the festival organizer, Ljubomir Erovic.
In Serbia, the cooked food of animal genitalia is known as white kidneys. Animal genitalia is considered rich in hormones and nutrients tertosterone for men.
"Genitals are the best bulls," said the first winner of last year, Zoltan Levai the cooking of animal genitalia with mixed vegetables.
Visitors of the festival that will eat the genitals of animals and drank wine and beer than cool their bodies by bathing in a nearby waterfalls. - AP

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