Monday, September 20, 2010

iPhone Identify Thief of Heartbeats

Thanks to the help of special software, an iPhone can now be acting Like a cop. But a unique way, namely by identifying the thief of his heartbeat.

Applications developed directly by Apple has studied the heart rate and iPhone owners who compare it with other people using these handsets."The ability to prevent this expensive handset avoid the risk of theft," said Jim Clark observer of British market research firm, Mintel.

Quoted from Big News Networks, Monday (09/20/2010), iCop - thus the name for this application - is also equipped with voice and facial recognition capabilities.Thus, the software will know the owner of the iPhone voice and a built in camera that is embedded in the body of the iPhone will help identify people's faces which are not the original owners of smartphones.

If the software does not recognize the holders of the iPhone, the phone is automatically going to die and other important information like passwords, emails and short messages will be deleted automatically.iCop also be activated as a fashion 'spy' or a spy, to record and report the activities of people who are not owners and trap him.

No need to worry iCop wrong target when in action. Because the user can turn off the function of this software as the iPhone will lend to a friend or someone they trust.

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