Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How the Earth without gravity?

Talked about gravity, it is a condition that is rarely ignored for two reasons, first - gravity is always there and the gravity has not changed so far.

If the gravity of the Earth change significantly, a major change will occur because all the material that is designed based on gravity.

Before looking at the changes in gravity, let us understand what exactly is gravity.Gravity is the attraction between two atoms as we put the two adjacent golf balls.In fact two of golf balls that are slightly smaller gravitational attraction to each other when measured.

However, when a large object like the Earth has a number of molecules together, gravitational attraction would seem more significant.

The reason why the Earth's gravitational force has not changed is because the mass of the Earth that has never changed.The Earth's gravity will change only when there is a change in the mass of the Earth itself.

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